A Symphony of Beauty

& even when you were sad you were really happy, because you were here…

& we all kissed & became the same…

Cause I don’t know where to go & no one else seems to know…

As I travel on just hold me close my darling

-(Flight of the Navigator x Childish Gambino)


People are like, ‘Because The Internet seems schizophrenic’ and i’m like, yeah. Being young and black in America is schizophrenic. You kind of have to change who you are a little bit all the time for people to even respect you. For people to understand you.

Childish Gambino

Interview with Peter Rosenberg

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I think people do most things for love. I’ve climbed walls and into windows, broken down locked doors. Stupid stuff. Places that I wasn’t invited. Even a serenade. Not as eloquently as John Cusack in ‘Say Anything’, but yeah, in an ironic way. In a way that I know it would be appreciated. I’ve never killed.

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